The Teddy Bear Academy Ambassador Program

The Teddy Bear Academy Ambassador program is an affiliate program open only to current members of Teddy Bear Academy.  We want you to share the Academy because you love it!

You will receive 25% commission on any referrals. 

Your commission will be paid once your affiliate balance reaches $25.

Commission is recurring, so you get paid each month someone remains a member.

We use 30-day cookie tracking (so if someone visits using your link and signs up 29 days later, you still get credit!)

Payments are made at the start of each month via PayPal – please ensure you add your PayPal address to your affiliate account details or we will be unable to pay you. 

Commissions are only processed after a 30 day  window for new members has passed.

Your affiliate link will no longer be valid once you stop being an active member of the Academy.

You can read the full official Terms & Conditions of the affiliate program here.

If you have any questions then please email [email protected]